Drunk before noon

Some snarky Wonkette readers spent last Saturday morning drinking on other people's tabs and making fun of sincere and decent people.

Wait, there were pictures? Shit...


Hey, look, it's some parents!

But they didn't go out of the floor, so Brian still wins. Hooray!

Also, if you're one of the three people who's been reading this, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to post as frequently. I told you why, so don't ask.

I'm gonna be famous

As I was walking back from the Safeway, I saw a Civic with an odd contraption attached to its roof. It looked like loudspeakers.

"Oh boy," thought I, "an old fashioned political campaign. Hooray!" When I got closer, however, my predictions turned dark. "Maybe they're trawling for wireless accounts. Oh dear."

Eventually, I got close enough to see the California license plate. Odd - but not out of place in D.C. Then I realized that what looked like loudspeakers from a distance were really cameras. Those are out of place in D.C., and everywhere else I'd imagine.

That's when it hit me: Google StreetView!

I'm gonna be on the Tubes foeva carrying a broom and a bemused, suspicious demeanor.