FBI Building

FBI Building, originally uploaded by rigel.m.

This building creeps me out. It hasn't been open for tours since September 11, so now it's just a Miniluv-esque box in the middle of E Street.

Praised be the Tubes!

Garfield minus Garfield. (It is delicious internets. You must click it!)

The gimmick is simple. "Garfield" comic strips with Garfield the cat removed. What remains?

[...]the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.

Poor Jon. He is profoundly depressed, schizophrenic, and lives with a poltergeist. If only he had a companion, perhaps an animal of some sort...

UPDATE: the Tubes win again! No copy of the comics can go here, so make with the clickity-click.

Whoa. Kieckhefer reads Wonkette?!?

Anjeanette moved her blog. To another corner of the same website? I dunno. But she dropped word of the Nevada Dems' new Gibbons attack site the other day. She also landed a quote from Ben Kieckhefer, the LuvGuv's spokesman,

"If they're pointing to the governor as the worst in America, they're just following his lead," Kieckhefer said, accusing Democrats of failing to come up with an alternative to budget cuts in the special session. "Plus they stole the name from Wonkette. At least be creative."

Nicely played. 

The website is kinda funny. It features quirky music and a neat quote generator. It will be interesting to see whether these kinds of sites really work.

The Minx Returns

Myrna the Minx is blogging again! She's also got her new site up, Reno Fabulous Media.

As she says,
No doubt you've noticed the way people outside the Truckee Meadows raise their eyebrows in sympathy when you tell them you're from Reno. The best response is a quiet smile--you're already in on the best kept secret.


Last night (cont.)

East Capitol Ave., originally uploaded by Packherd.

Here's my favorite pic from last night - though maybe not the best.

The lights glowing from the interior looked like a showroom. There was a piano, sheet music, and portrait of a woman in what looked to me like late-19th Century dress. The windows, obviously, were wide open; this was intended for public viewing. It was like cleavage for houses.

Last night

My evening consisted primarily of drinking and shouting at my roommate. However, the night was not all piss and vinegar. It also involved impromptu games of Thirteen, smashing my fucking thumb in the door, and using my new tripod to take some night shots around Lincoln Park.

The photos will show up here eventually.

Happy Sunday morning!