Reno and Its Discontents

If you are from Northern Nevada, I encourage you to check out Reno and Its Discontents. If you're not from Northern Nevada, it may not make much sense, but go there and click on an ad anyway.

Myrna the Minx is the blog's proprietor, tho the blog's been a communal effort recently, incorporating posts from Dullard Mush's The Anon Guy, Mr. Jerz and others.

Those blogs are still operating - and using their posts - so why Discontents is padding its content is a little confusing. It seems to be a hub of sorts for the Northern Nevada blogging community. Perhaps the market is consolidating?

I think one big Reno blog is a good idea. (It's the capitalist pig in me.) If the economy of scale generates a functional ad revenue base and that profit is plied into keeping an eye on the hijinks of Renoland, I'm all for it.

If that is not what's happening then... well... drat.

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The Anon Guy said...

Myrna was going to cut back on posts, so to keep the site going she opened it up to other local bloggers for their feeds to show up there.

It's set up for partial feeds, so as to drive traffic to your home blog, but either Feedburner or Google is causing my entire feed to show.

Last I heard she is open to other local bloggers to add their feeds to R&D. Right now it seems to be a lot of real estate posts showing up, so she'd probably welcome you in.