Jim Newell is my hero!

You should just read Newell's whole post on your own and absorb the awesome. I would like to, however, re-post a small kernel of the angry-truth that he does so well on Wonkette.

A major problem with current “political analysis” is that there’s no need to analyze something that’s obvious to everyone. American national politics is a vulgar, transparent, and stupid drama. You can read a few news wires regularly and understand every major politician’s short- and long-term intentions. This is why most of our Wonkette posts are composed of bad/filthy jokes, because it’s the only way to write about this shit secondhand without coming off as utterly patronizing to you, the reader. It would be insulting to you for us to legitimize the horror that is American politics under the guise of “expert analysis” [...]

He goes off like this about once a week. And here's a little poorly-kept secret: most of DC agrees with him.

Also, Jim, if you comment on this, I will buy you one pint of Yuengling or its equivalent of equal or lesser value. That's all I can afford.

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