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Spoke too soon.

Jackie Conaway has declared for CA-25 again. She is focusing on Veterans issues, which is good. But, when asked to explain why she's running,
“There’s a lot of reasons,” she said. “Between the gas and the food and the health care, there’s a lot of people that just aren’t taken care of.”
Well, okay. Besides the use of unnecessary definite articles, I'll let you judge that statement for yourself.

Jeff, at SCVTalk, tho is more candid,
In 2008 she ran just about the least impressive campaign I can think of. She raised about $10,000 in her effort to defeat McKeon (compare that to the plucky 2006 Dem challenger Robert Rodriguez, who raised about $207,000 before losing to McKeon).I only saw her once, during the 4th of July parade, and come November 4th, I was so unimpressed even I voted for McKeon.

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Rider said...

Hey there-

Jeff from SCVTalk here. Something perhaps for the Kos: a commenter on my site said DeeDee Myers, an old Clinton administration press official, should run for CA-25 on the Democratic ticket.

She grew up in Santa Clarita and went to high school here. She's kind of a hometown favorite, even though she's a Democrat. I remember cheering when I saw her in the credits for West Wing back in the 90s.

Cheers and thank you for the link. Keep up the good work.