Term limits, pt. deux

Some follow-up to my term limits rant from earlier.

Nevada's legislative sessions are front loaded. The January following an election is usually when it meets, and it's session usually lasts through the beginning of June.

So, a freshly minted Assemblyperson, just after a bruising and (increasingly) expensive campaign, will arrive in Carson City just one month or less after receiving their mandate. And we, as constituents, expected them to get to work.

The sessions only last five months, so a two-term limited Assemblyperson will spend less than half their career actually legislating. The interim is supposed to be used to prepare for the next session - do research, hold hearings, draft legislation.

However, after their second term, an Assemblyperson will be doing a summer's worth of work for someone else.

With term limits in Nevada's system, we will see half the Assembly (and a third of the Senate) shirking their duties for six months. Instead of using the interim to do the work of their constituents, they'll be using it to find their next job.

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