Of Inappropriate Nicknames

Look over here everyone! My friend and yours, known Reagan fetishist Tom McClintock is just plain hatin' on Charlie Brown. Not to worry. Neil Pople's representin' like a gangsta should.

Tom, meanwhile, is frontin'. There are torrid rumors flying around Washington that this guy is what's known as a "Congress-man." I have yet to see any evidence to support this claim, but you know how tongues get to wagging.

What really matters is the question of a proper nickname for Tom. I'm partial to "McClinty," because I like pretending that public officials are 19th-century Irish immigrant hoodlums. "Squinty" falls in that category as well, and has the added effect of poking fun at his physical appearance.

Please leave your preference or suggestions in the comments. Don't be shy.


Anonymous said...

Douchie McGee!

Packherd said...

I love the use of "douche," one of my favorite slurs. Tho I try to reserve it for the popped collar crowd.

fnpople said...

Travellin' Tom always works... who knows where he'll go for the next rung up on the ladder?