Lost & Found: one LuvGuv

(How did I only read about this on Sunday afternoon‽
This is what happens when you don't keep up with the assigned reading, people!

Sometime Friday or maybe Saturday, the LuvGuv went missing.

You read that correctly: America's Worst Governor (not that johnny-come-lately Blagojevich) went AWOL this weekend. Anjeanette, as usual, has the scoop.
Gov. Jim Gibbons is out of state, although both his spokesman Dan Burns and deputy chief of staff Mendy Elliott said they don't know where he is.
But don't worry. An hour later, Anjeanette assures us that everything's under control.
Gov. Jim Gibbons' chief of staff Josh Hicks said the governor is in California on "personal business" and will be back sometime over the weekend.
Whew! Dodged a bullet there, America.

If this were a different Western state with a trustworthy and competent governor, y'know, like Utah, then maybe this wouldn't be so... unsettling? Whatever his reasons, the LuvGuv had better get back to Carson City soon; he has a primary challenger.

Meet Mike Montandon, Republican mayor of North Las Vegas. He has a Flash Website and a bitchin' logo.


To summarize:
The governor of Nevada skipped town without telling anyone, including his own staff. He's going to get primaried by the Mayor of Nor'Town. Nevada is totally awesome. The end.

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