The LuvGuv makes his move...

Oh noes! The LuvGuv has gone off the reservation again.

He's attacking Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki - who is statutorily also the head of the Nevada Tourism Commission - for jetsetting around Communist China on the taxpayers' tab.

“Governor Gibbons has learned that during a state-sponsored trip to China, (Krolicki) spent his time on pursuits unrelated to promoting tourism in Nevada, such as sightseeing and shopping, and did not attend scheduled meetings,” said a statement issued after business hours Friday by Dan Burns, Gibbons’ spokesman.

It's good to see the LuvGuv making an effort to re-take his Worst Governor title from that upstart Blago. He knows that intraparty hitjobs are always done in Friday newsdumps. Show Blago how it's done, homie!

While I must admit that Blago's kneecapping of Sen. Reid and the Democrats is legion, the LuvGuv's just got a better style. I don't care that Nevada's politics are a little bush league and I don't care how amazing Blago's hair is...

That's a Playboy Playmate our Governor's huggin' up on. Suck it, Illinois!

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