Egoism as foreign policy

On Morning Joe it seems that Scarborough and Buchanan are really offended by Obama's behavior at the Summit of the Americas. (He shook Hugo Chavez's hand and accepted a token gift.)

The question put before them both was, "How does this weaken America?" Joe answered, I dunno, it just sucks they say means things about us. Pat, naturally, suggested that the Chinese and Russians would perceive it as an opportunity to push us around.

Look, a more open, progressive, liberal foreign engagement may or may not make us 'safer.' Frankly, no rhetorical stance will really alter national security. What it does do is weaken hawkish positions at home. Why we would demand respect from Nicaragua, I have no idea.

We don't act like such jerks to Canada or Mexico, and I don't think we significantly harm our relations with them when we decline to respond to their insults to our honor. In fact, we reveal our nation to be what it is: a confident people leading the world.

It also makes the hawks look like whiny little bullies.

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