Tom McClintock supports big government!

Good news, everybody! Tom McClintock, Congressman from Ventura County, has once again put pen to paper for our entertainment. HE'S THE CONSERVATIVE JON STEWART.

Says Tom in an editorial in the Bee:
Earmarking is the process by which individual congressmen direct federal money to favored recipients without competitive bidding or open debate, bypassing the normal appropriations process that requires projects to be impartially evaluated on their merits and competitively bid.

It should be no wonder that virtually all of the political corruption cases affecting Congress – including the infamous Jack Abramoff scandal – involve congressional earmarks.

As well as, we should point out, Republican luminaries such as 'Duke' Cunningham, Bob Ney, and the King of the Gnomes.

So how, you may be asking yourself, does Travelin' Tom's principled stance against the unfairness of earmarking make him a shameless big government liberal?

You see, absent congressional procedures to affect spending, the decisions are made by UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS ensconced in their sprawling FEDERAL AGENCIES. These people use complicated formulae, with limited public input, to allocate tax dollars. Is your highway in desperate need of expansion since your town recently attracted a big new employer? Tough cookies. It's going to Nowheresville. The pencil pusher says so.

Why, thanks to Tom McClintock's unequivocal support for Executive prerogative, the Obama Administration can finally get to work undoing years of Bush-era pro-growth policies. Obama appointees at EPA will have all the money they need to enforce punitive environmental regulations, such as the Clean Water Act and the Roadless Rule, thereby tying the hands of private investors for decades.

I suppose Tom McClintock could've rolled up his sleeves and gotten to work finding funds for forest fire prevention, or to aid the restoration of Lake Tahoe. He could've put his ideology to the side for once to fight in the interest of his constituents.

But that would be unfair.

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