Excessive Caution

Last night, I had a conversation with an acquaintance about caution in politics, and perhaps that it can be excessive. I'm not cautious, I'm paranoid, but her point was well-made. And this morning, Senator Leahy offered a nice example.

On Meet the Press, he and Senator Sessions were asked about the schedule and timing of the Sotomayor hearing and confirmation. Leahy interjected at the end of the discussion to give the Standard Senate Response, or SSR:
The Senate operates by its own procedures and I will make a determination in accordance with Senate process and in consultation with the Ranking Member.

The SSR works as an answer to almost any question, including "You want to do Mexican or sushi for lunch, Senator Leahy?"

Unfortunately, about thirty seconds earlier, Leahy had lost his noggin, necessitating the SSR. When asked if he would keep to President Obama's preferred schedule for the confirmation, he answered defensively,
"I'll keep to MY schedule!"
This got a knowing smirk from Sessions, who was probably nudging Leahy off camera and muttering, "WTF, dude? Much respect, but you gotta clean that up!" And so he did.

Trying using the SSR in your own daily life!

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