The Obama Eight: Playing w/Numbers, redux

Californians are voting today. Well, maybe 1-in-3 of them are voting. At best.

On the advice of readers, I've put all the data from the previous Obama Eight posts into one chart. This, I think, better illustrates my central thesis; namely, that there is little correlation among the measures of DTS registration, Dem registration, Obama's performance, and my own "flipability" metric.

DistrictIncumbentFlipabilityDTS RegistrationDem RegistrationGOP Registration2008 Presidential
26thDreier420%35%41%51% Obama 41% McCain
45thBono Mack116%38%42%52% Obama 47% McCain
25thMcKeon018%38%39%49% Obama 48% McCain
3rdLungren-218%38%40%49% Obama 49% McCain
24thGallegly-318%36%42%51% Obama 48% McCain
50thBilbray-524%31%40%51% Obama 47% McCain
44thCalvert-618%35%42%51% Obama 47% McCain
48thCampbell-1622%29%45%49% Obama 49% McCain

Commenter fnpople also hooked us up with a list of declared candidates, which I hope to do a little research on later this week.
CA03- Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis
CA24- green businessman Shawn Stern
CA45- Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet
CA48- Irvine City Councilwoman Beth Krom
CA50- 2006 Dem nominee Francine Busby
There is, of course, a gaping hole there in the 25th, which is odd. Of the Obama Eight, it has the closest Dem/GOP registration numbers. LA County Dems, where ya at?

...oh yeah, CA32.

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