A photography post that's been a while coming

This is my picture-of-the-Metro that it seems every DC photog is required to include in their portfolio. I'm perturbed by our apparent fascination with the Metro since all the stations look the same. I don't write the rules, tho, so there's my contribution.

Now, the Roosevelt Memorial, that's another problem.

Waterfalls at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, originally uploaded by kimberlyfaye.

This image is not mine, of course. The Roosevelt is my favorite contemporary memorial on the Mall, tho I have yet to get a picture of it that has truly satisfied me. Technical limitations may be the root of the problem. Without a proper camera, I can't effectively slow the shutter speed or narrow the aperture. Even in the image above, however, the two-dimensional nature of the low-profile architecture is not really overcome.

I have yet to really overcome DC's phallocentric skyline. So the quest continues...


Lindsay said...

We need to come and visit you and then you and Jason can talk photography babble and you can play with our toys (after I graduate nursing school I hope to learn more about photography and be geeky like you both hehe!). We currently have a Fuji S5 that we LOVE the color on, and a Nikon D300. Now we need to add to glass collection... Only have two really nice lenses at the moment, but hope to get a few more once I start working... I think Jason is drooling over a new one... but I can't remember which. then again, it's not like he's never NOT wanting new glass haha!

Packherd said...

I am muy jealous. :(