The Obama Eight

Napoleon Motocrossing the AlpsPic unrelated. But oh how I wish it wasn't.

2008 was a pretty good year for the Dems, wasn't it? They won the White House and also secured a commanding majority in both houses of Congress - expanding daily!

During and immediately following the campaigns, my discussions with Dems followed one of two broad formats:
a) "♥Yay! Democrats foeva!!!♥"
b) "Shit. We're screwed in 2010."
You may place my pessimistic tuchas squarely in group B, because of this:

DistrictIncumbentDem RegistrationGOP Registration2008 Presidential Results
3rdDan Lungren38%40%49% Obama
49% McCain
24thElton Gallegly36%42%51% Obama
48% McCain
25thBuck McKeon38%39%49% Obama
48% McCain
26thDavid Dreier35%41%51% Obama
41% McCain
44thKen Calvert35%42%50% Obama
49% McCain
45thMary Bono Mack38%42%52% Obama
47% McCain
48thJohn Campbell29%45%49% Obama
49% McCain
50thBrian Bilbray31%40%51% Obama
47% McCain

These are the Obama Eight, the California Republicans whose districts were all won by the Democratic presidential candidate. Oh, and every one of these Republicans was re-elected.

2008 was, in my opinion, a huge missed opportunity for the Dems. In 2010 they will have an uphill battle trying to unseat the Obama Eight Republicans.

Fortunately though, not everyone in California is salivating over Ellen Tauscher's seat.

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