More Tubes greatness

In my ongoing effort to direct you to the most fantastic corners of Ted Stevens' gift to humanity, I draw your attention to Fuck You, Penguin.

FUP is a blog that tells "cute animals what's what." And they don't let them off easy. Here is what they have to say to the adorable Porcupinefish:

YOU ARE SO FUCKING CUTE I WANT TO HUG YOU AND NAME YOU GARY. But I know better, Porcupinefish. You may me be smiling and having a great time now in your little undersea neon world, but next thing I know I'll come too close and you'll push me away.

The truth is, Porcupinefish, I don't know if you could ever really get close to anyone. Before you love someone, you have to love yourself, and I'm worried about the time you're putting in. You drift from place to place with no purpose in life, and you couldn't even spend enough effort giving yourself a name, you just picked something with spines and added "fish" to the name.

And so on, and so on.

My attraction to this blog is rooted in my firm and zealous faith that penguins are trying to take over the world. Trust no one!

Update: Seriously, people! Don't you remember Batman Returns

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